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Jan 20, 2011 4:30am PST
for untold powerpoint presentations. nobody really knows for sure. what we do know for sure is it's a hazard, something that people should not do. never point a laser pointer at a sky at a person at an airplane, never. >> reporter: but they are not just pointing them at airplanes. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say people often shine them at their helicopter during night patrols and last year, they made five arrests. this is one of the confiscated devices. it's actually four lasers taped together for maximum effect. sergeant jim helms was in the cockpit when it happened. >> the initial point of the laser very small but when it gets to be four to five miles away, the size of the actual beam is quite larger and -- >> four at the same time? >> basically what happens is the aircraft, the fuselage is curved. none of the windshields are flat. they are curved. so when the beam hits the windshield it acts like a prison and illuminates the cockpit. it's not one little beam coming through. and it can temporarily blind or permanently cause damage to eyes. >> reporter: other law enforcement agenc
Jan 16, 2011 10:00am EST
could have done powerpoint but as some of my former students in here know i'm technically computer illiterate, so i didn't bother with that. they're in the book, i'll try to describe them. but this one right here, communist party of america, it doesn't -- it looks like this on microfiche, it's actually a good represumptuous, these are 100-year-old documents. but the executive secretary, and can it's very brief. he's sending it to the folks at the communist international in moscow. in the name of the communist workers of the united states organized in the communist party of america, i extend greetings to the communist party of russia. long live to soviet republics, love live the congress international. fraternally yours, executive secretary, charles ruthenberg who today is buried on the wall of the kremlin. but as you see these right off, you learn what the american government learned and what anticommunists said throughout the 20th century, that the american communist party was not just another political party. i mean, they were loyal soviet patriots. they were dedicated to the sov
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Jan 25, 2011 11:00am EST
that sparked this investigation came through fort lewis in may, in one powerpoint presentation a army regular referred to the soldier as weekend warriors in baseball caps. and some were told to subit up and leave the base. soldiers complained that their concerns about post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain disorders were dismissed. they demanded the army investigate. >> they should have a soft landing and integrated fairly and a full benefit of federal service and healthcare and everything else. >> reporter: we also interviewed specialist tony stevens who served two tours in combat with the army nation tphal guard. he returned in 2007 with ptsd and traumatic brain injury and several other injuries. the va declared him one hundred% disabled unemployable and has been paying him $3,000 a month. he has been fighting to get a discharge, and benefits. >> i served hopb or plea. i should get my benefits and repair my life the way i see fit. >> reporter: the army wouldn't comment on stevens' case. we did interview another unit that was demobilized later after the one last year in may, they
Jan 5, 2011 7:00am EST
and say, "no, we cannot do that this year." powerpoint, my point, a lot of us in the south carolina does it -- her point, my point, a lot of us in the south carolina delegation, is that we have to make the same decisions. and a stiff like -- and states like california have to start making difficult decisions. when they come to look for bailouts, the answer will be a firm now, did your own house in order -- no, get your own house in order. south carolina knows they will get by fine. >> when a congressman-elect was elected, it was a member of the south carolina state senate and had served in the state house. in the past he has been a real estate developer and a lawyer. watch him and 95 other freshmen get sworn into office at noon eastern on c-span. >> c-span's live coverage of the opening day of the water told congress continues. good morning from capitol hill. the 112th congress will transfer power to the republican party in the house, officially beginning at noon eastern time did you can watch live coverage on c-span -- you can watch live coverage of the house on c-span and live coverage
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4